Looking for permaculture gardener for small residential project in Ottawa

Hello, I have recently moved and need help 1) setting up a gardening space on my balcony and 2) preparing a raised bed on the terrace that I can then maintain on my own.

You will be paid for your time and reimbursed for any necessary direct expenses (e.g. seeds, mulch). I live in Sandy Hill and have access to a few gardening tools. We will agree on a budget ahead of time.

1) Balcony (dimensions, photo) – east-facing

I have mobility issues, so you would need to source the materials for me. Recycled/salvaged materials are strongly preferred. While we will discuss the design and needs analysis together, I would really like to include some of the following features:

Worm composting bin

Kitchen/herb garden

Small evergreens (to help block street light, etc)

Bird house(s)

Container pots

2) Terrace raised bed (dimension, photo) – full sun exposure

I am taking over someone else’s plot so there’s no need to build anything here, just to start a good mulch. The raised bed is on the roof and exposed to sunlight all day so needs great moisture retention strategies. Some of my ideas for this site include:

Perennials: e.g. asparagus, rhubarb, etc.

Pollinator-friendly plants

The rest is up for discussion.


To apply, please provide:

1- A brief introduction to yourself and why this project interests you.

2- An estimated timeline for the project based on your experience and an estimated budget that includes your hourly rate.

3- Other ideas, design and vision for the balcony and terrace.


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