The Grail Knight – Boy – Energy, Sword, Testicles, Warrior – Outer Fire, Inner Air



Puer is the Geomantic figure of virility and untamed manhood, not yet tempered by the experience and wisdom that comes with age. Its outer element is Fire, meaning that the figure of Puer outwardly exhibits energy, drive and willpower, and this fire is, fittingly, fueled by Air on the inside. In terms of the construction of the figure, Puer has all of the elements active save for water – meaning that Puer has the will of fire, the idealism of air, and the materialism of Earth. It lacks the compassion of Water, and it is for this that this figure – the Grail Knight (an idea put forward by John Michael Greer in his book, The Art and Practice of Geomancy) – seeks, in the form of the Grail. Puer lacks the…

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